How to travel solo in South Africa (and make it epic)

Hi everyone! I’m Kellie, a solo traveller from Canada who is obsessed with South Africa. This article is my official plea to the government to grant me citizenship. Just kidding! This article is about my tips and tricks for travelling solo in South Africa. But if it comes with citizenship, I won’t complain. I’ve been […]

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Our Top 9 Mandela memorial sites to visit

Nelson Mandela is the most globally recognisable South African and an icon for peace and reconciliation. He is affectionately known as “Madiba”, after the name of his clan, and is regularly referred to as the Father of South Africa. It is safe to say he is globally loved. To put his popularity into perspective, around […]

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South Africa’s most colourful locations

South Africa is affectionately known as the rainbow nation, describing our incredible people and diverse geography. While we’re well known for our mountains, deserts, rivers and beaches, we also have some brilliant locations known almost exclusively for the beauty of their colours. If you’re into all things colourful, this list of our most colourful locations […]

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How Far From Home comes home

Way back in 2015, two young South Africans started an Instagram account called @howfarfromhome as they jumped onto the first flight of a five-year adventure. Chanel and Stevo, the couple behind the account, ended up taking 206 flights, covering 694,475km, visiting 228 cities, towns and islands in 60 countries around the world. 

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Our challenge to you

Right now we’re all dreaming about all the places across South Africa we’re going to visit when it’s safe to travel. Just because we’re in lockdown doesn’t mean we can’t help promote South Africa and help our local tourism industry when travel becomes safe again. If you need an excuse to trawl your travel photo […]

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