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June 2, 2020

How Far From Home comes home

Way back in 2015, two young South Africans started an Instagram account called @howfarfromhome as they jumped onto the first flight of a five-year adventure. Chanel and Stevo, the couple behind the account, ended up taking 206 flights, covering 694,475km, visiting 228 cities, towns and islands in 60 countries around the world. 

No matter how many incredible places they visited, their first love has always been South Africa, and they always took the time to explore their home country as widely as possible. This is great news for us because they took some incredible images on their travels and loaded lots of them onto our site for everyone to see. 

Below is a list of some of their favourite South African locations, in their own words:

1. Oudshoorn

Oudshoorn has this charm to it that we just love. Minimalistic open spaces are something we search for, and this part of the country definitely has it. Famous of course for it Ostrich farming, Oudshoorn has lots more to offer.

2. Tankwa Karoo

Another example of big sky country, Tankwa is situated in the Karoo and is a great getaway.

As photographers, the landscapes here offer so much, and the red dusty sunsets are one of a kind. The Tankwa Karoo National park is also home to an abundance of wildlife, like the ever-illusive Gemsbok and Bat-eared Fox, so a great place for game spotting too

3. Knysna

There are a lot of things to like about Knysna, like its lush forests and secluded rocky beaches. The cute town has a lot to offer tourists too (if you wish to spend a day away from the beaches). We love the view from the top of the Eastern Head at sunset, just remember to bring some snacks.

4. Nylsvley

Stevo has been coming to Nylsvley ever since he was a little boy. Just a few hours drive from Jozi, it’s home to more species of bird than anywhere else in the country due to its huge floodplain, which waterbirds frequent. Hiking and mountain biking around the park is also a great way to spend the day.

5. Coffee Bay 

Rustic and wild, this part of the country offers a lot to the more explorative traveler. The coastline is dotted with beautiful and striking scenes, none more so than Hole-In-The-Wall.

We’ve visited numerous times, and one of the highlights was a five-day hike along the coast which we really recommend.

Despite having circled the globe more times than we can count, the answer to the question, “how far from home” is not very far at all

If you want to check out their insane gallery and follow their travels, go check them out @howfarfromhome on Instagram or on their blog at


June 2, 2020

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